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During the last years the business with Spam e-mails has rapidly grown. The sending of Spam is nearly for free but on the other hand it produces cost on the recipients side. More and More recipient getting annoyed by the amount of Spam they receive daily.

Definition of Spam

A "Spam" e-mail is an unsolicited mailing which is send to many people.

Spam e-mailers have become part of the Internet. At the beginning unconsidered is it because of its volume more and more often a topic now. Many Internet providers have begun to forbid spaming over there network.

Rules of the Spam games

The goal of the Internet users is it to find a way to separate Spam from legitimated e-mails. There are different ways to do this. Which one you choose deepens also if you have control of the mail server or not.

The goal of the spammers is to find a way to bypass your filtering method. For that reason he changes the sender e-mail address or/and the sender IP address whit each Spam mail.

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