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As a enduser you have different methods to protect yourself from Spam. Her are the possible methods listed:

Choice of a mail service

There are more and more mail services offering Spam protection on there mailboxes. To choice such a mail service is the best way get Spam protection. Espacially WEB mail users have only this choice. Most big WEB mail services offer a Spam protection this days but there may be a difference in the quality of there protection.

Spam filter for POP3

For users which get there e-mails per POP3 have beside the choice of a mail service with Spam protection the possibility to scan the e-mails after the download by them self. Most mail clients offer functionality to scan e-mails for key words or text phrases. But you can also use a additional software for scanning the e-mails against different roles. There are even products available which support IP filtering based on RBLs (Realtime Blackhole Lists). The only disadvantage is, that the e-mails have to be downloaded first and that the sender of the message mostly cant be informed that the mail was rejected.

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